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The Odisha State Cashew Development Corporation Ltd. was incorporated under The Companies Act, 1956 on 6th April, 1979 for development of cashew in the State of  Odisha. The main objective is to give thrust on development of cashew plantation and strengthen the economy of the State by commercially exploiting cashew crop in the State.


The main objectives of the Odisha State Cashew Development Corporation Ltd. as per its Memorandum & Articles of Association are as follows.

To develop land and raise cashew plantations and other suitable species in the State of Odisha for the purpose of development of the State.

To carry on the business of manufacturers, importers, buyers and sellers and dealers in the cashew, fertilisers, manures, dips, spray, disinfectants, vermifuges, fungicides, insecticides, pesticides and weedicides.

To implement the State Cashewnut Development Programme in accordance with the arrangements between World Bank/International Development Association, Government of India, Government of Odisha, and the Company or between any two or more of them.

To render technical guidance and assistance to cashew growers and make available good quality planting materials and provide such other assistance as may be necessary and desirable for area expansion in the State.

Nodal Agency in cashew cultivation and development

The Odisha State Cashew Development Corporation Ltd. was declared as Nodal Agency for development of cashew in the State of Odisha during the year 1993.

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